The Payroll Center - Providing the payroll services you need at affordable prices.

Payroll Overview
You will be impressed with how smoothly everything will run when your payroll, tax filing and reporting needs are handled by The Payroll Center.  We built a reputation of trust and integrity in the business community based on our ability to work with you, understand the needs of your business, and our timely response when you have any type of question.  Each payroll period you may submit your payroll information to us by email, fax, or phone.  We will process your payroll checks, handle the transfer of funds for direct deposit when applicable, calculate your payroll taxes, and file your tax payments electronically.  Our paperwork is user friendly, easy to read and understand, also we pride ourselves in adapting our format to meet the unique needs of each client. 

You can expect the following services:
* A personalized one-on-one payroll processor
* Affordable pricing with no hidden payroll costs
* Payroll may be submitted by email, fax, or phone customized to each client's personal
   business needs

* Printed company payroll checks showing employees payroll detail and
   year-to-date figures for employee's live checks and direct deposit paychecks

* Checks signatures are available including multiple signatures

* Check Sealing is available

* Full detailed reports of each payroll run

* Certified Payrolls and reports

* Net to Gross Paycheck Calculation

* Payroll checks show vacation balance and sick balance and year-to-date used for both 
   sick and vacation

* Pre-tax benefits such as 401(k), IRA, S-Corp Medical, HSA, FSA

* Child support, or Federal/State garnishments or any other miscellaneous deductions

* You can also include reimbursements back to your employee when you process your payroll

* Payment for third party checks can also be produced
* Direct Deposit offered (two split accounts available)

* Choose your payroll delivery method 
* All Quarterly tax filings and payments done for you including Local
   and LST

* All year-end W-2 filings are completed for your company

* Accurate and timely Federal and State tax filing and payments

* Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation offered
* New Hire Reporting

* Workers Compensations Audits completed for clients

 **We can easily and accurately transition your payroll anytime during the year.**
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