The Payroll Center - Providing the payroll services you need at affordable prices.

Payroll Services

* With Every Payroll You Get:
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payroll processing
  • Printed company payroll checks for live and direct deposit paychecks
  • Easy to understand, full detailed reports of each payroll run
  • "Tax Deposit Alert" report showing exactly how much and when the tax payments will be made
  • Free Federal and State electronic tax filing

*Preparation of Quarterly Employment Tax Returns:
  • Federal Form 941
  • Pennsylvania PA-501 Employee Withholding
  • Pennsylvania PA-UC2 Unemployment Compensation Return
  • Local tax return
  • FUTA (940) deposit
  • LST return
  • Return for any additional state
  • Client Copy For File

* Year-End Tax Preparation Services:
  • W-2 Forms
  • Employer W-3 Transmittals
  • Federal Form 940 FUTA Tax Return
  • Pennsylvania W-2 Transmittal
  • Local Tax Year-End Transmittal
  • Return for any additional state
  • 1099's and 1096's
  • Client Copy For File

**We can easily and accurately transition your payroll anytime during the year.**

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